The Guiding principles in Life

moral luck The above article posted on by Robert J. Hartman, reminded me of many similar situations we all have faced in life and also most recently that of a very dear hard working friend. It taught me again that sometimes as Leaders the best decision we can make is to stay hidden under […]

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FAR OFF LAND There was a man in a far off land, He had no eyes, he had no hands, this man. Told me of visions, of a world he sees, With his feet he would pick up things. He spoke of many stories and travels, Lessons of worth from a…


From Writer to Author

“To be or not to be”, such is the soliloquy we use as our opening phrase; to place meaning on the word emphasis: To Be an Author, welcomes us to the literary stage. How our ‘conscience does make cowards’ of us all, for the life of a writer subjects us to such criticism that becomes […]

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Time – Pieces

Time Magazine, an iconic brand since 1923. It’s time to colour your (Red) border,  be more open to be seen. You are gifted with great feature writers, for what is told is shown in the success of how many magazines sold. Yet to move forward & be bold, the hands on the face of your […]

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The threads we Weave over Time

A new day encourages a new beginning but a new year heralds in so much more. 2014 taught me that to keep moving forward, you must work your way backwards……… the road map you build in your mind is not just signposted “one way” – in time it is hoped you will come to understand […]

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